Dried champignons: how to dry in an electric dryer, in the oven

Mushrooms began to be dried several centuries ago in Italy, where the main cultivation areas for these mushrooms were located. This type of preparation requires minimal effort and money. At the same time, not only aroma and taste are preserved, but also most of the beneficial nutrients.

Is it possible to dry champignons at home

Dried "gifts of the forest" can be used to prepare many tasty and healthy dishes. Their processing does not require a lot of time and effort, and storage - large spaces. Dried mushrooms are superior in value to pickled and salted preparations. This method preserves most of the amino acids and trace elements, which means that dishes made from dried mushrooms or boletus will be much healthier and more nutritious.

During the drying process, the product loses almost 90% of its weight. This must be taken into account when harvesting raw materials. The main condition is that it must be clean. Before drying, soil residues are removed from the champignons, darkening centers are cut off.

Advice! Before the procedure, it is advisable not to wash the mushrooms (as opposed to pickling or pickling), but to wipe them off with a slightly damp cloth or paper towels to remove dirt.

The choice of the method depends on the technical capabilities of the person. The most delicious champignons are made in the Russian oven. However, even in an apartment, you can dry the product with high quality, retaining its bright aroma and rich taste.

During drying, mushrooms lose 90% of their weight

Warning! Not all "gifts of the forest" can be dried at home or in the sun. For example, dry russules acquire an unpleasant bitter taste, therefore they are not used in cooking.

How to properly dry mushrooms

There is no perfect way to dry mushrooms. Someone prefers to dry mushrooms at home using special appliances or kitchen appliances, while others like the traditional method through the sun and fresh air.

Most often, champignons are dried:

  • in the oven;
  • in an electric dryer;
  • in the microwave;
  • in a Russian oven;
  • in the sun;
  • on a thread.

However, regardless of the method chosen, the raw material is pre-processed.

Preparing mushrooms for drying

The preparation includes several stages. The first is cleaning. Champignons are cleaned with a soft cloth, brush or napkin. Remove soil residues, needles, moss and leaves. With a knife, carefully cut off the darkening, but do not wash, otherwise the product will darken and lose its aroma.

After cleaning, the raw materials are sent for sorting. Rotten and spoiled specimens are thrown away. Large ones are separated from small ones and dried separately. The lower part of the champignon leg is cut off last.

Advice! Small mushrooms can be dried whole, and large specimens are cut into small plates or pieces.

Cut the mushrooms into thin slices, random pieces or "noodles". The main condition is that they must be the same size, only in this way the product will dry uniformly. Mushroom noodles make aromatic soups. Soaked, it can be added to salads and hot dishes.

How to dry string mushrooms

In the absence of familiar electrical appliances at hand, you can use the traditional method - dry on a string. To do this, the mushrooms are strung on a strong thread and hung in a dry, well-ventilated room.

You need to dry the mushrooms in a dry ventilated area.

Small mushrooms can be strung whole, large ones cut into pieces or plates. Drying in this way can also be done outside. Slices are hung in the shade, covered with thin material or clean gauze.

How to dry mushrooms in an electric dryer

An electric dryer is a simple and affordable way to dry mushrooms at home. This household appliance has a number of advantages that any culinary specialist will appreciate.

Household electric dryer:

  • will preserve the aroma and taste of the product;
  • saves drying time, reducing it to 12-24 hours;
  • easy to operate and can be used in any room.

Drying mushrooms using electrical appliances takes up to 10 hours

Not the least role is played by hygiene, which is so difficult to achieve if mushrooms are dried in the fresh air.

The device does not require complex manipulations. It is enough to carefully arrange the slices on pallets and load them into an electric dryer. Next, set the desired program and set the time at 8-10 hours (depending on the thickness of the plates and the power characteristics of the device).

Advice! Dried champignons can be used to make mushroom powder, which is a great alternative to bouillon cubes.

How to dry mushrooms in the oven

An electric oven is an affordable way to dry mushrooms for people living in city apartments. Champignons are pre-cleaned, sorted and cut into slices 2-3 mm thick. The plates are neatly laid out on a baking sheet, pre-covered with baking paper or a silicone mat.

The temperature is set on the device to 50 ° C, after which the mushroom slices are sent to the oven. After 7 hours, the temperature is increased by 30 ° C and dried for an additional 18-20 hours. The oven door is slightly opened so that the moisture condensed from the mushrooms evaporates. If the Air Convection function is present, turn it on and leave the door closed.

Before you start drying mushrooms, you need to cut them into slices.

Drying champignon slices using high heat

Advice! For better drying, the slices are periodically mixed.

Drying mushrooms in the oven

Since ancient times, if the weather conditions did not allow the mushrooms to be dried naturally, housewives used a Russian stove for blanks. As with any other method, the mushrooms were first prepared (cleaned, sorted), then the cap was removed and everything was laid out on a straw deck.

The furnace was preliminarily cleaned of ash and ash, warmed up, and then cooled to a temperature of 50-60 ° C. The product was dried for several days. Dried mushroom caps, if necessary, were dried on the 2nd and 3rd day.

It takes several days to dry champignons, up to 3 days for dried hats.

Another way of drying in the Russian oven is drying on skewers. Strung on skewers or other objects, mushrooms are laid out on bricks or boards located at an equal distance from each other. Further, everything is the same as with straw flooring.

Drying mushrooms in the fresh air

Drying mushrooms at home can also be done in the fresh air. This is one of the simplest and most affordable methods that can be used both outside the city and in the apartment. To do this, the prepared mushrooms must be cut and strung on a thread or on a skewer. The resulting "garlands" are neatly hung on the veranda, balcony or loggia and covered with thin clean gauze. It is an essential insect protection. Drying in the fresh air is possible only in hot sunny weather.

Drying mushrooms in the fresh air is possible only in hot weather

Advice! In order to determine the degree of dryness, it is necessary to slightly squeeze the mushroom slice.If it is springy, then the required condition has been achieved. If moisture is felt, then the mushrooms should be dried.

How to dry mushrooms in the microwave

A microwave is present in almost every home. This handy household appliance can be easily adapted for mushroom blanks. The disadvantage of this method is small portions of dried mushrooms. Pros - significant time savings.

Prepared mushrooms are cut into thin slices and spread on a flat dish. Then it is placed in an oven with a set power of 100 watts. Cooking time is 20 minutes.

At the end of this stage, the product is ventilated, and the resulting condensate is drained. Airing time - 10 minutes. Then the mushrooms are again sent to the microwave for 20 minutes. The number of airing and drying steps depends on the thickness of the mushroom plates.

Storage rules for dried mushrooms

In order for dried mushrooms to retain their unique aroma and their valuable properties, it is necessary to properly organize the storage of the product. First you need to make sure that the drying process was carried out correctly, and the mushrooms have lost most of the moisture. The most obvious sign is brittleness when pressed.

The resulting blanks are stored in paper bags, linen or cotton fabric bags, wooden boxes or glass jars. The container with the dried product is placed in a ventilated place. A prerequisite is the absence of odors.

Store dried mushrooms in glass jars

Store dried mushrooms in glass jars

Compliance with all conditions of drying and storage will allow champignons not to lose their properties for 3-5 years.

Advice! To ensure the safety of mushrooms, you can use special vacuum containers or bags.

What can be made from dried mushrooms

Aromatic dry mushrooms can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. They are added to soup, used as preparations for salads. Champignons are able to emphasize the taste of meat, reward potatoes, rice or baked vegetables with mushroom aroma.

The main advantage of dried "forest gifts" is a short cooking time. You can cook a fragrant mushroom broth in just 5-7 minutes, while a vegetable broth will take a quarter of an hour, and a meat broth at least an hour.


There are several ways to dry mushrooms. This is the optimal preparation method for those who want to preserve both the taste and useful qualities of the mushroom product.

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