Dried chanterelles: medicinal properties, recipes, application

The health benefits and harms of dried chanterelles are not known to everyone. After all, these are not quite ordinary mushrooms: in addition to their gastronomic value, they have high medicinal properties. Dried chanterelles are used to promote health not only in traditional medicine: the drug can also be bought in a regular pharmacy as an anthelmintic agent.

Why dry chanterelle mushrooms are useful

Chanterelles (other names for mushrooms are cockerels, or yellow chanterelles) are easy to recognize among other healthy mushrooms. Their cap has an asymmetrical shape of a convex or concave type and, together with the leg, makes up a single whole. When pressed, the hue of these yellow mushrooms changes to a pale pink. The flesh of the cockerels, white with a slight yellowness, is rather dense, with a “rubbery” structure.

Dried yellow chanterelles are rich in macro- and microelements and other healthy ingredients. That is why the medicinal properties of dry chanterelles are known not only to healers, but also to qualified doctors.

The composition of 100 g of the product includes:


Trace elements


Potassium - 450 mg

Iron - 0.7 mg

Vitamin C - 34 mg

Phosphorus - 44 mg

Manganese - 0.41 mg

Vitamins PP, NE - 5 mg

Sulfur - 40 mg

Zinc - 0.26 mg

Niacin - 4.9 mg

Chlorine - 24 mg

Copper - 290 mcg

Vitamin E - 0.5 mg

Magnesium - 7 mg

Fluoride - 55 mcg

Vitamin B2 - 0.35 mg

Calcium - 4 mg

Cobalt - 4 mcg

Vitamin B1 - 0.01 mg

Sodium - 3 mg


Vitamin A - RE, 142 mcg

In addition to this pantry of healthy elements, dried chanterelles contain amino and fatty acids, antibiotics, quinomannose, trametonolinic acid, provitamin D2, beta-glucans, mono- and disaccharides, polysaccharide K-10.

The health benefits of dried chanterelles are manifested in the spectrum of effects on the body:

  • general strengthening of human health and immune system;
  • prevention and treatment of sore throats and colds;
  • help with oncological diseases;
  • removal of worms;
  • improving the functioning of the liver and pancreas;
  • normalization of the general condition of the body, reduction of painful manifestations in hepatitis C and tuberculosis;
  • strengthening the heart muscles, increasing the general muscle tone;
  • removal of heavy salts from the body;
  • restoration of vision;
  • improvement of the general condition of the skin and hair;
  • restoration of metabolism and normalization of weight, stabilization of the digestive tract;
  • decrease in blood sugar, stabilization of hemoglobin levels.
Important! Despite the abundance of healthy substances in dried chanterelles, you should not use them without a doctor's recommendation. Self-medication can be hazardous to health.

Most often, the medicinal properties of dried chanterelle mushrooms are used in the fight against parasites, in the treatment of cancer, liver and pancreas diseases, for general health support at a high level.

Dried chanterelle treatment

In order to dry the cockerels, you can use the long or quick method:

  • In the first case, the mushrooms are strung on a rope, like bagels, and hung for 1 - 2 weeks near the stove or on the window. You can also leave them on a closet in a ventilated area. But it will take even more time - about 2 - 3 weeks;
  • A second, easier drying method is to place the clean, dry mushrooms in the oven.The temperature in it should not exceed 40 aboutC, and the residence time of the raw material is 1.5 to 3 hours.

Next, the dried cockerels should be broken into small pieces and chopped in a blender (mortar, coffee grinder) to a powder. It will be useful to store the resulting product in tightly closed glass or ceramic jars in a dark, cool place out of the reach of children.

As a medicine, not only powdered dried chanterelles are used, but also healthy infusions and decoctions from fresh mushroom raw materials. Other methods will not bring any effect, because when heated to 60 ° C or frozen, as well as when interacting with salt, all the beneficial properties of chanterelles are lost.

How to take dried chanterelles for medicinal purposes

Depending on the state of health, preferences and individual characteristics of the body, you can use useful remedies from chanterelles: tincture of vodka or red wine, a solution of powder in ordinary warm or hot water, or decoctions of fresh mushrooms.

The composition should be taken half an hour before meals, preferably on an empty stomach. Shake the useful solution before use, as the powder may settle to the bottom as a sediment.

Below are some useful recipes for making medicinal mushroom powder.

Universal tincture

Powder (1 tbsp. L.) Pour vodka or red wine (1 glass). Stir and put in a cool dark place (you can put it in the refrigerator) to infuse for 10 days. Shake it every time you drink it.

The tincture will be useful in removing parasites from the body. It will also rid the body of their larvae, which may re-develop into adult parasites. Should be taken 2 tsp. at night. The course of treatment is 20 days.

A useful tincture will also effectively cope with the problems of the liver and pancreas. For this purpose, it is taken in 1 tsp. at night for 90 - 120 days.

To improve the state of health with hepatitis, it will be useful to take 1 tsp. in the morning and in the evening, the course of admission is 120 days.

Dried Chanterelle Powder

Powder is the most popular form for medicinal administration of dried chanterelles. With its help, useful tinctures are made, but the broth is prepared from fresh mushrooms.

The use of the powder helps to fight cancer, infectious diseases, liver and pancreas diseases, and will be useful for improving overall health.

Treatment of worms

Dried chanterelles in powder form are also actively used for worms. The excretion of parasites occurs thanks to a useful component - chinomannose - a special polysaccharide that helminths cannot tolerate. It is for this reason that there will never be worms and other parasites in cockerels. Chinomanose breaks down under the influence of high temperatures, therefore, useful preparations are made from dried crushed mushrooms.

To prepare the product you will need:

Pour 1 tsp. powder 150 ml of warm water. Wait half an hour, mix well.

The composition can be taken once a day, and to enhance the effect - twice a day, before meals, always together with the sediment. The course of treatment is 1 month.

Against glaucoma

Pour 1 tbsp with hot water (0.5 l). l. powder, stir. Put the resulting gruel in a water bath for 10 - 15 minutes. After that, leave the composition for 1 hour under the lid. It will be useful to take the remedy 3 times a day, before meals, 1 dessert spoon.

Advice! Due to its pleasant aroma and taste, dried yellow chanterelle powder can be added to food as a seasoning. It will not only add a special touch to the dish, but will also work as an antidepressant.

With oncology

The recipe for cooking dried chanterelles for oncology:

Powder (1 tablespoon) should be infused with red wine or vodka for 10 days. It is recommended to drink the remedy half an hour before meals. The dose is set individually, depending on the weight and physique of a person, within 2 tsp. in one go.

Dried chanterelle decoction

The broth is used in cases where the presence of alcohols in the body is undesirable for health. For children with angina, you can make a useful broth for gargling. For this, 2 tbsp. l. finely chopped fresh mushrooms, pour 1 tbsp. boiling water. Then cover and leave for half an hour. Strain the broth and wait until the temperature of the liquid becomes comfortable. It is necessary to gargle the throat with broth twice a day.

In cosmetology, a useful decoction is used for rinsing hair. It can be prepared in the same way, and then diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. The use of rinsing hair after each wash fills them with strength, gives a healthy shine.

Tincture on dried chanterelles

Useful tincture is prepared from dried chanterelle powder. Mushrooms insist on vodka or red wine (the presence of alcohols will not affect health). In order for the chanterelles to transfer their beneficial substances to the liquid as much as possible, the infusion holding time is 14 days. The liquid should be kept in a glass or ceramic container in a cool dark place.

Contraindications to dried chanterelle mushrooms

The benefits and harms of dried chanterelles should be assessed on their own health, however there are several categories of people who are not recommended to take mushrooms and even dangerous. These include:

  1. Pregnant girls and lactating mothers.
  2. Children under 3 years old.
  3. People with individual mushroom intolerance.

For people with problems of the gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract, treatment with dry chanterelles is allowed, subject to precautions.

Important! It is undesirable to buy mushrooms at unverified points and from hands. There are false chanterelles, which are very similar to cockerels, but can cause poisoning.


The health benefits and harms of dried chanterelles have been proven in practice as a hepatoprotective and anthelmintic agent, in the treatment of eye diseases. The drug should be used after prescribing the drug as part of complex therapy.

Reviews of dried chanterelles

Klimova Ekaterina, 44 years old, Bryansk.
I am constantly sick with sore throat. I take the pills prescribed by the doctor, but my health is only getting worse. After recovery, not even two weeks have passed before I get sick again. I learned about the health benefits of chanterelles. I decided to try to make a decoction from them. I poured boiling water over the mushrooms, insisted, filtered and gargled for a month and a half every day, morning and evening. Magic or not, but I stopped hurting. Now, as a preventive measure, I repeat the course every 2 - 3 months, for a week.
Spesivtseva Maria, 28 years old, Tula.
I do not like traditional methods of treatment, but I no longer have the strength to endure worms. My grandmother advised me to drink a healthy tincture of chanterelle powder, and I thought: why not. Yes, the treatment does not go so quickly (it took me 2 months), but after the course I noticed that the worms disappeared, and for more than a year they have been gone. And the general state of health has improved. I used a tincture of vodka (3 teaspoons of powder per 200 g), insisted for 10 days. I drank on an empty stomach in the morning for half an hour before meals for 2 tsp. in a day.

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