Flower garden made of wooden and plastic boxes: bright and stylish ideas + photo

To give the site an attractive and cozy look is the dream of many suburban residents. And it's easy to bring it to life. Small flowerbeds of boxes by the path, several flower beds by the veranda - and the site has changed. This kind of work gives the owners the opportunity to show their creativity and taste. There are no financial restrictions here. Several boxes made of wood or plastic can be found on hand or made by yourself.

Features of the design of flower beds in boxes

Before you start landscaping a flower garden, you should familiarize yourself with the principles of flower bed design.

Important! When choosing plants for the garden, one must take into account the growing conditions of certain varieties, the size of the shoots, the color range.

Novice gardeners can rely on the following tips from experienced summer residents and landscape designers:

  1. The primary task is to determine the size and shape of the planting container. The choice of plants will depend on this. Small containers are filled with flowers of approximately the same height - from 15 to 40 cm.
  2. It is better to practice decorating a flower bed on perennials. These are more unpretentious plants that do not need complex care.
  3. The flowerbed should not be overfilled with flowers. It should be borne in mind that they are gradually growing. With their excess, the decorativeness of the flower garden is lost, the condition of the plants deteriorates.
  4. It is better to plant certain crops in groups. It always looks more advantageous than single plants.
  5. When drawing up a plan for the location of perennials, if possible, it is necessary to select varieties taking into account the period of their flowering, so that the flower bed has an attractive appearance from spring to autumn. In the intermediate periods, you can supplement the flower garden with annual crops.
  6. Varieties with the same requirements for growing conditions are planted in one container: soil composition, illumination, watering.
  7. It is better not to get carried away with the variety of colors. It is recommended to combine flowers of bright and pastel, white shades.

How to make a flower bed from boxes with your own hands

Drawers are one of the most convenient and simple options for the garden. With their help, you can make an original flower bed. It is enough to have on hand several such containers, made with your own hands or previously used somewhere else.

Flowerbed made of wooden boxes

To create flower beds from handmade wooden boxes, you can take wooden pallets. Depending on the condition, they can be purchased for a small price or even taken for free.

Other required materials and tools:

  • nails;
  • screws;
  • sandpaper;
  • impregnation for wood;
  • saw on wood.

First, with the help of scrap, the pallets are disassembled into separate boards. They are sanded with coarse sandpaper and sawn to the desired size, focusing on the parameters of future boxes. You can choose the volume yourself. This is very convenient, since the dimensions can be adjusted to specific areas of the garden or, for example, the area of ​​the terrace.

Use a hammer and nails to hammer down a box. It is coated with a special compound for wood. A layer of coarse gravel is laid out at the bottom, loose soil on top, and then fertile soil.

The final stage is planting. They can be fed with humus. It not only provides flowers with nutrients, but also increases the water holding capacity of the soil. It is necessary to apply fertilizers during the entire growing season.Plants that are in such flower beds require careful maintenance.

Another option is do-it-yourself hanging flower beds from flat flower boxes. To make them, a hole is made in each corner. They are used to thread and fasten ropes and tie them to the trees in the garden or to the vine arches. Petunias are considered one of the best plants for planting in these hanging trays.

Flowerbed made of plastic boxes

Craftsmen build beautiful, unusual designs from plastic boxes. For example, you can create a flower garden in the form of a steam locomotive. To do this, take containers with a lattice bottom. They usually store vegetables or fruits. Plants feel quite comfortable in a flower garden made of plastic boxes in a hole.

The containers are installed on the site in a row, one after another, with the bottoms down. Each simulates a small trailer. The boxes can be wired together and spray painted in various shades. A plastic canister or a round plastic tank can act as a locomotive. For wheels and pipes, they take any materials at hand, it all depends on the imagination of the master.

If separate crops are planted in each trailer, the flower bed will be bright and original. The flower beds made of fruit boxes in the form of a multi-colored train will surely appeal to children.

What flowers are better to plant in boxes

One of the most important criteria in the selection of varieties is the height of the plants. This characteristic is indicated on the seed bags. Powerful and tall crops should not be planted next to low-growing crops.

Other tips for planting flowers:

  1. You cannot plant many seeds in one container. Plants will be weak. It is recommended to sow 7-8 rows of 10 seeds in a meter-by-meter box. This amount is approximate and depends on the size of the shoots.
  2. In one flower garden, you can combine tall, erect flowers and ampelous, flowing ones.
Important! In addition to size, it is necessary to think over the combination of shades and flowering time. Examples of successful neighborhoods are calendula and nasturtium, ageratum and lobelia.

Beds made of old wooden or plastic boxes are suitable for begonias, marigolds, petunias, pelargonias, primroses, lobelias, campanula, miniature chrysanthemums, purslane, daisies, phloxes, primroses.

In flower beds in sunny areas, you can plant light-loving crops: levkoi, verbena, mignonette, morning glory, cobea, ornamental beans and sweet peas, pansies. On shaded flower beds, carnations, forget-me-nots, mignonette, tradescantia, various varieties of fuchsias, alissum, begonias, marigolds, stonecrops, petunias, evergreen boxwood, violets, hostu feel good. You can combine them with miniature conifers such as thuja or juniper.

The best photo ideas for flower beds from boxes

The construction of flower beds on the site is a simple and exciting exercise. Any materials at hand will do. It all depends on the gardener's imagination. For inspiration, you can use ready-made flower bed ideas in boxes.

The photo shows examples of flower beds from boxes of fruits and other products:

Photos of flower beds created by hand from plastic boxes:


Wooden pallets and plastic storage containers are excellent material for creating crate flower beds, ideal for decorating areas and terraces. Crafted with your own hands to individual sizes, they can perfectly fit into any corner of the garden.

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