Do-it-yourself bench with a wooden back: how to make for a summer residence, instructions with a photo

A do-it-yourself wooden bench with a back is a useful and versatile product that will look great in a summer cottage or in the yard of your own house. To assemble it, it is necessary, first of all, to prepare a drawing, according to which the assembly process will take place. In addition, you need to select tools and building materials, take into account many points so that the bench will last as long as possible.

Pros and cons of a wooden bench with a back

Wooden benches are the most popular and demanded accessory for country furniture. They have an attractive appearance and are able to withstand significant loads. In addition, in the photo, wooden benches with a back look great. They can be an interesting place for photo shoots. At the same time, the use of wood for arranging a bench has its positive and negative sides.

Among the advantages of wooden benches are:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Wood is an absolutely natural material, which contains no toxic substances and hazardous components.
  2. High level of durability. The wooden bench has excellent performance parameters. With proper care, it can last for a long time.
  3. Low thermal conductivity, resistance to negative temperatures. A wooden bench is able to keep warm. Therefore, even in winter, they are more comfortable and not cold.
  4. Ease of maintenance. The tree does not need any special care. As a rule, wood is initially treated with special protective substances, after which it acquires greater strength and reliability.
  5. A wide range of design solutions, the possibility of finishing and painting. From the point of view of design, a wooden bench with a back is perfect for any exterior of the site. This is a classic option that will never lose its popularity.
  6. Fast elimination of deficiencies. If cracks or scratches appear on the bench, it will not be difficult to remove them.

A wooden bench can be placed in any part of the garden, near the porch or on the lawn

At the same time, the wooden bench has some drawbacks that you should be aware of when deciding to install such an accessory in your summer cottage:

  1. The tree is highly hygroscopic. Over time, it absorbs a significant amount of water and water vapor, which is why it can change its size. In order to prevent such a development of events, it is necessary to treat the shop with special protective substances.
  2. One of the biggest problems with timber structures is their susceptibility to corrosiveness.Mold can form on the surface of the bench, which will lead to further decay.
  3. The bench with a backrest must be installed away from possible sources of ignition. Wood is highly flammable and should be kept away from heat sources.

Types of wooden benches with a back

Do-it-yourself benches with a back are usually classified in various directions. Depending on the degree of mobility:

  1. Stationary bench. They are installed in a specific place where they are fixed. As a result, it is almost impossible to move it. This type of wood bench needs special care. To protect it from moisture, it is necessary to periodically paint the structure, carry out cosmetic repairs. In order for the longevity of the bench with the back to be maximum, strong woods are needed for its manufacture, which will be as dense and durable as possible.
  2. Portable designs. They are made from light woods, which are characterized by a small mass. The main advantage of this type of bench with a back is that it is very easy to make them with your own hands. In addition, they can be installed anywhere if required. Due to its small size and weight, such a structure can be easily moved as needed.

Depending on the configuration, a bench with a backrest can be:

  • Classic type. It is a conventional construction made of boards. This is the simplest option, the purpose of which is to hold a person's weight. As a rule, structures of this format do not differ in exquisite design.
  • Bench with backrest that emphasizes the anatomical features of the human body. The most convenient and comfortable option, allowing a person to feel completely relaxed. Constructions of this type are versatile and effective. They make it possible not only to sit down for a few minutes, but also to spend a lot of time in the fresh air.
  • Bench with a canopy. It is a classic type of bench with a back, which is closed from above with a special protective canopy. This design will be an excellent option for long-term outdoor recreation, protect from the sun and possible precipitation.
Important! Before proceeding with the assembly of the bench, experts recommend preparing a diagram of a wooden bench with a back. Focusing on it will make it easier to get the job done.

What you need to assemble a wooden bench with a back

To assemble a bench with a backrest with your own hands, you need to prepare all the materials. First of all, you need to decide on the type of tree that will be used. Often, experts recommend choosing wood with a dense texture and a minimum number of twigs, so that the bench is as safe and reliable as possible.

To collect the bench you will need:

  • 4 legs made of wood, metal or other materials;
  • medium-sized boards designed to fix larger elements;
  • several large boards to form the seat and back.

In addition, the user will have to stock up on certain technical inventory. We are talking about nails and other fixing elements, hammer, saw and grinder. The latter is needed in order to give the wooden surface perfect evenness and smoothness.

Drawings of a bench with a back made of wood

Drawing of a bench consisting of small boards

The product will be able to make even six large boards.

For a shop made of small boards, you will need a large number of fasteners

Wooden furniture can be made without armrests

Dimensions of a wooden bench with a back

A hand-made wooden bench can be made in various shapes, have a wide variety of looks. Backrest designs for comfortable seating are often made straight, angled, round, and rectangular.

Questions often arise regarding the dimensions of the bench. It is worth noting here that the user must choose the size of the bench independently, focusing on its purpose, own parameters and other factors. All this should be displayed on the drawing of a wooden bench with a back.

At the same time, engineers and doctors have developed the recommended parameters for wooden benches with backs:

  • seat height above ground level - 400-450 mm;
  • seat width - 1500 mm;
  • back height - 900-950 mm;
  • backrest angle - no more than 120 degrees;
  • seat depth - 400-450 mm.

These values ​​are fully consistent with the standards of a classic bench. If you focus on them, you can get a convenient and comfortable shop, where it will be pleasant to spend your free time.

How to make a bench with a back from wood

It is not difficult to make a bench with your own hands, almost any person with minimal knowledge in the field of carpentry can cope with this task. However, if the project involves the creation of a large-scale structure of wood with unusual geometric shapes, it is better to use the help of professionals.

Regardless of the type of bench, geometric shapes and design features, in order to assemble a bench with your own hands, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • saw and jigsaw;
  • hand saw and drill;
  • plane;
  • Grinder;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • hammer, pliers, pencil;
  • square, tape measure, building level, ruler;
  • paint, brush or roller;
  • wooden blocks with a cross section of 30:50 or 50:50 mm for assembling the frame;
  • edged boards 30-50 mm thick.
Important! Before starting work, it is recommended to dry the wood so that later the bench does not deform.

Simple garden wood bench with backrest

The classic version of garden furniture. Making it yourself is easy. To do this, it is necessary to prepare 4 legs to hold the structure, beams for forming the frame and two wide boards that will serve as the base of the bench and the back (as an analogue, you can use several boards with smaller dimensions up to 2.5 m long).

Such a garden bench with a back made of wood is perfect for any style of a summer cottage; it can be used for a gazebo, veranda and patio.

Bench made of boards with a back

You can build a bench from boards with a back in an extremely short time. Such structures are classified as portable, they are characterized by small dimensions and weight. You need to start work with the formation of a frame. First, you need to install the bars that will act as legs, and fix the frame boards on them.

When forming the frame, you need to be as careful as possible, use a ruler and a square. The structure should be as flat as possible. After the base is prepared, boards with a small thickness are installed on the frame, which will act as a seat and back.

In order for the structure to be as strong as possible, it is necessary that all elements of the future bench be securely fixed with nails or screws.

Wooden bench with backs and armrests

It is not difficult to make such a project of a wooden bench with a back with your own hands. The procedure is the same as when arranging a standard bench with a back, but the side parts of the frame should be 30-40 cm longer. Subsequently, it will be possible to install polished boards on them, which will serve as an armrest.

Experts recommend setting the armrests at a slight angle. So the hands will rest. At the same time, the slope should be minimal so that a cup of tea or coffee can be placed on the armrests.

Carved wooden bench with back

It is very difficult to make this model with your own hands, since to create a carved design you will need additional technical equipment and a lot of knowledge in the field of carpentry art.

The best option is to purchase a ready-made carved bench that can be easily assembled by hand.

Corner bench made of wood with backrest

Corner benches will be an excellent solution if, for some reason, it is impossible to install a classic bench with a back. Beautiful wooden benches with a back will look great in gazebos, and in any corners of the summer cottage.

Often, when creating such a shop, it is recommended to use a metal frame as a base. This is due to the fact that the tree absorbs water, due to hygroscopicity, it can swell, changing its shape. As a result, a corner bench made entirely of wood can deform, which will lead to the destruction of the structure. The metal frame will prevent the boards from changing their shape.

Decorative wooden bench for a summer residence with a back

The most popular option among consumers. A decorative bench will not only be a great addition to the design of the site, but will be a great place to relax.

Since wood is a fairly easy material to process, the user has a large selection of decorative features. This can be an unusual shape (a semicircular bench, a bench around a tree, etc.), interesting decorations or carvings, and much more.

It is quite difficult to make such a bench with your own hands. To get a high-quality result, it is better to seek professional help.

Garden wooden bench with backrest and awning

The arrangement of this version of a home-made bench with a back made of wood is not too different from creating a classic bench. However, there are several important points to consider.

The canopy creates an additional load on the bench frame, so it must be as strong and reliable as possible. The most ideal option is to use metal elements. This will not only allow you to make the most durable structure, but will also become a design feature.

If a bench with a canopy is made entirely of wood, you need to take bars with a greater thickness for the frame. As for the canopy itself, it should be made of lightweight material that will be strong enough. Polycarbonate is most commonly used. It perfectly protects from precipitation and direct sunlight, has an attractive appearance.

A canopy will avoid precipitation and exposure to sunlight

Sofa bench made of boards with a back

The most comfortable option. On such a bench you can comfortably sit during your rest, if necessary, lie down. The model will be an excellent addition to the general landscape of the suburban area.

Making such a wooden design with your own hands is not difficult. It is necessary to adhere to the same principle and procedure as when creating a classic bench. However, in order for the shop to turn into a real sofa, it is necessary to make large blanks.

Wooden bench with a back and flower beds

This original design idea will perfectly fit into any landscape of a summer cottage, will become a decoration and a comfortable place to stay.

To equip this option, you need to make a standard bench with a back with your own hands, around which flower beds will be located on a stand.

You can also equip a single structure. To do this, you need to take longer boards so that they protrude beyond the bench. By installing solid supports and covering the sidewalls with boards, you get a kind of wooden box. You can fill it with soil and plant flowers.

Outdoor wooden bench with backrest for gazebo

To create a street shop with your own hands, you need to prepare the necessary materials and equipment in advance. Before you start making a bench, you need to cut the boards:

  1. For the seat and backrest, at least 6-8 slats with dimensions of 1500x140 mm are required.
  2. For the back, you need to cut out two high legs. To make them as strong as possible, it is recommended to make a workpiece 140 mm wide and about 700 mm long.
  3. For the front supports of the bench, bars with dimensions of 360x140 mm are needed.
  4. In order for the frame to be reliable and not loose, one board is needed for rigidity. Its size can be very diverse, but experts recommend taking a workpiece with a minimum parameters of 120x140 mm.
  5. Planks measuring 360x140 mm are used as mountings for the seat and legs.

The indicated values ​​can be changed depending on the type of construction and its dimensions. The values ​​shown are for a classic bench.

After the blanks are made, it is necessary to grind and dry each element of the future shop. Drying is needed so that the bench does not deform in the future. Since we are talking about a do-it-yourself street shop, you also need to treat the wood with antiseptics and fire retardants. This will make it more durable, protect it from decay and fire.

Making a wooden garden bench with a back

After the carpentry work is completed, and the shop is installed in the right place, you can proceed to its design. Since wood is considered a rather complex material, it must be processed.

First of all, a do-it-yourself bench should be sanded. After that, it is recommended to cover it with a layer of fire retardant, after which drying, a waterproof varnish or paint is applied.


A do-it-yourself wooden bench with a back is a useful addition to any landscape of a summer cottage. However, it can be quite difficult to make it, it is necessary to plan in advance how the future piece of furniture will look, to determine the type and configuration.

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