House for a well: drawing and photo + step by step instructions

The well on the site without the appropriate design looks quite prosaic - a gate with a bucket on the racks. Everyone can turn such an unsightly structure into a beautiful part of the landscape. To make a house for a well with your own hands, you need to have a minimum of skills in construction, imagination and suitable materials.

Features of making houses for wells

The features of making a house for a well with your own hands directly depend on its functionality. The structure above the mine with water has the following options:

  1. Debris protection. The house excludes falling into the source of precipitation, dust, leaves, insects, small rodents, preparations when spraying and processing plants on the site.
  2. Prevents the water from freezing in winter, this is especially true for northern regions with a harsh climate.
  3. Serves as a barrier against aggressive exposure to sunlight.
  4. Prevents children and pets from entering the well shaft.
  5. Decorates the site, complementing the landscape.

Beautiful houses for a well with a minimum of effort and materials become not only a practical solution, but also delight the eyes of the owners and guests of the country house.

Types of well houses

The design of the upper part of the well can be different in type and type of construction. You can cover the mine with your own hands with a simple shield box or make a real house with many elements. The roof of the structure is made in the form of an umbrella, single-pitched or gable under an acute or gentle slope.

Doors for access to water can be:

  • single-leaf;
  • bivalve;
  • sliding.

By the type of houses for a well, open and closed options are distinguished. An open house is a roof structure supported by a lifting mechanism.

A closed structure is a structure with walls, a roof and a door to access water.

Closed options are relevant if a pump is used for water intake. To protect equipment, many summer residents build closed houses for a well with their own hands with a door that is locked.

How to sheathe a house for a well

For the design of the well, materials are usually used that are in harmony with the rest of the outbuildings on the site.

To do this, they buy the necessary components in stores, or you can use those fragments of material that remained after the construction of a house, a bathhouse, a garage with your own hands. For the design of the ring above the shaft, sometimes it is simply enough to apply cement mortar on it and, having drawn a relief contour, decorate it with small stones or fragments of tiles. For a more solid construction, use suitable building materials.

House for a well from a bar

Timber blocks are the most popular materials for the construction of a water shaft structure. A frame, racks and a canopy over the well are made of wood with their own hands.

Wood is chosen not only for the ease of working with it, but also for its durability, environmental friendliness, material availability and the beauty of the structure.

Important! Using a bar in the manufacture of a house for a well with your own hands, it is pre-dried and treated with an antiseptic and protective oil preparations.

House for a well made of metal

Well houses made of metal are characterized by maximum resistance to environmental influences and damage. Metal as a durable and reliable material is used to form the frame or the entire structure.

Iron structures can be the simplest structures in the form of a galvanized box above a mine.

When decorating with your own hands with forged elements of iron structures, they become design compositions.

When choosing iron to protect the mine on the site, builders recommend using special preparations to avoid the appearance of rust.

House for a well made of plastic

Plastic is short-lived, but lightweight, so it is often used for finishing moving structural elements. For example, a molded plastic cover, which covers the shaft, performs a lightweight structure function.

When you need to make a light roof on a well with your own hands - plastic is a good material for cladding an opening structure:

House on a well from siding

Siding is convenient in finishing the well due to the ease of assembly of elements and a variety of colors. A large number of original colors helps to make a house for a well with your own hands in any tone, for example, as the main building on the site.

Siding allows you to make small houses on the well neat and functional.

House for a well from a rounded log

When constructing a structure, one-piece beams are popular. A house for a well from a rounded log with your own hands turns out to be solid and massive. Usually, such structures are placed in a quadrangular shape, the corners are aligned with or without a remainder.

In this embodiment, the log house breathes with antiquity and the existence of ancestors, especially if the house is complemented by an openwork cornice.

Houses for a well from a professional pipe and a professional sheet

Profile pipes allow you to make the frame of a house for a well with your own hands, durable and of high quality. Profiled sheet as an economical and stainless material is a popular choice of base when forming the roof of a structure.

The owners of the site use corrugated board and shaped pipes as the main material for the construction of a water intake house most often due to the fact that, as a rule, there are enough scraps for a well as remains from a roof or a fence.

Which house for a well is better

In order to choose the best option for a house for a well, several factors must be taken into account:

  1. Reliability and durability of the structure. As a rule, a well on a site is made for more than one year. For the same reason, a house for a well must be durable, especially since it is in the open air and is constantly exposed to natural factors.
  2. The budget of the event. Some materials and possible additional services of a narrow profile (forging, welding, wood carving) are quite expensive. There are design options that can be done from the existing building residues with your own hands - this can be a decisive factor when choosing a house for a well.
  3. The combination of a well structure with the main buildings on the site. Landscape designers recommend that when choosing a casing for a house, focus on other elements of the yard and maintain the entire design in a single style.
  4. Ease of use. Drinking water is a constant need, so a well house should be comfortable. It is necessary to provide a place for a bucket, a canopy from possible rain.

Dimensions of a house for a well with your own hands

The size of each particular house depends on the width of the shaft and the head. If the well is lined with concrete rings, then their size can vary from 70 cm to 1.5 m.Frame parameters should be based on the outside diameter of the head. It is believed that the optimal height of the house above the well is about 120 cm. The angle of inclination of the roof slope is better to choose at least 60 °. With this indicator, the roof will withstand wind loads and will not accumulate snow. The best way to calculate the parameters when making a house for a well with your own hands is a simple drawing with dimensions based on the existing head.

Advice! When buying a finished model in specialized stores, it is better to take the exact dimensions of the well with you. This will save you from further additional work on fitting the model to the base of the water intake.

Drawings of houses for a well with your own hands

After the initial dimensions of the well are recorded, a construction drawing is drawn up, taking into account the material.

The schematic transfer of the model to paper and the application of parameters can be performed in any format - the main thing is that it is clear and convenient for the performer to work with such a plan.

If the dimensions of the head are suitable, then you can use the ready-made drawings of the well house with your own hands, choosing the appropriate option in the photo.

How to build a house for a well with your own hands

In order to build a house for a well with your own hands, you can use proven master classes with step-by-step instructions.

Gable house made of wood

This option is suitable for a novice master and does not take much time to manufacture. First, the diameter of the shaft head is measured. Based on these data, the foundation of the structure will be tinkered with.

A wooden frame is made from a bar of 50 * 100 mm, fixing with corners. The correctness and evenness of the structure will allow you to check the building level, for this you need to find an even place. From the beams of the same section (50 * 100), they put racks 70 cm long perpendicular to the base, fastening the structure with iron corners. At the top, they are connected with a ridge - a bar of 50 * 50 mm.

After that, rafters are attached to the racks and corners of the base. In order for all parts of the structure to adhere to each other, the top of the racks is cut at an angle of 45 °.

A wide (at least 30 cm) board is attached to one of the sides of the frame, on which a bucket can be placed in the future. Narrow boards are stuffed on the other sides for structural strength and as a frame that will hold the house on the head. The finished base is placed on the well ring and bolted.

You can start making the gate. In order for the collection of water to pass comfortably for the user, it is necessary to take into account the features of the wrench:

  1. The wider the drum, the fewer rotations you need to make to get the container out of the shaft.
  2. The length of the handle affects the effort required to lift - the larger the radius of rotation, the easier it is to draw in water.
Important! With an increase in the handle, it is necessary to be careful - with a very large radius, the hand may not reach to scroll the structure.

To form a gate with their own hands, take a log with a diameter of at least 20 cm in length less than 10 cm in the distance between the posts.

Cut rings 5 ​​cm long from a metal pipe with a cross section of 35 mm and drive them into the ends of the log to protect against splitting. Holes are drilled in the rings up to 10 cm each. Two blanks are made from a metal rod with a cross section of 35 mm: a short 20 cm and a long one for a handle of 100 cm.In order for the rod to enter the wooden blank more easily and not spin when the mechanism is operating, one end of it is flattened.

All parts of the knob are assembled into a single element, for strength they are welded to metal discs.

Now you can install and secure the gate tightly in the vertical posts.

The door can be made from 2-3 boards of the selected size, connecting them on the back side with two transverse bars and one diagonal. The door is attached to the frame with hinges on screws or nails.

Comment! The door of the well house should not cling to the base when opening; for this, it is made slightly smaller than the inner frame.

The base of the house is sheathed with boards or clapboard as desired.

Log cabin

A blockhouse of rounded logs is made in a classic rustic manner. To make a house for a well with your own hands, you should use a simple drawing, which indicates the dimensions of the material and the attachment points for the racks.

By the size of the head, logs of the same length are sawn and laid out in a frame around the shaft. The protruding edges can have curly cutouts as a decoration for the structure. Vertical posts are attached to the massive structure, which are provided with supports for strength. A gate with a chain and a bucket is attached to the supports, a roof frame is erected. Due to the solidity of the structure, the roof can be sheathed with any material - slate, roofing material, tiles.

Comment! If one log is made 30-40 cm longer than the others and you remove 3 cm of the top layer, then you can put a bucket on it.

Solid house from the ground

There is an option for making a closed structure from a metal profile with your own hands, when the concrete ring is hidden in the house. The dimensions of the frame should be such that the structure can be freely put on the head. The height is selected individually - so that you can bend over and get the bucket.

The profile must be taken from thick galvanized metal. Two identical frames are assembled from the guides - one will go to the floor, and the second will be above the head.

To make a triangle, the sidewalls of two profiles are cut and, by attaching a vertical stand in the middle of the frame, the notched corner is fixed to it. The same is done on the other side of the base. Two triangles are connected with a crossbar.

Additional racks are placed on the side of the base where the door is supposed to be.

A roof is attached to the finished frame - a profiled sheet or, after fixing the base with plywood, soft tiles. The sides are sheathed with the available material - siding or clapboard.

How to install a house on a well

A house for a well, made by hand or purchased from the manufacturer, is installed on the head without much effort, if the dimensions of the shaft and the outer ring are taken into account. The shape of the house does not make a difference - whether it is a square frame or a round base, it is simply put on the concrete base of the well.

An obligatory stage in installing a house on a well is the final fastening of the frame, roof and other elements. This is done with a screwdriver or welding, if the structure is forged.

How to make a canopy over a well with your own hands

Sometimes it is better to do without building a house - to protect the water and decorate the well with a canopy.

The choice of material for the canopy is varied:

  • wood;
  • forging;
  • plastic;
  • professional sheet.

Often, a beautiful stone head is completed with this method, making a decorative canopy from a suitable material with your own hands. When choosing this option, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Access to water must be sealed with a cover to prevent debris from entering the mine.
  2. The canopy should be protected from atmospheric precipitation, especially from slanting rain.
  3. The structure should be made in the same style as the house and other buildings.

Photo of houses above the well

In order to make the design of the well with your own hands, you should use a photo with ready-made models or, inspired by the idea, create an individual unique design.

Houses made in oriental style are an unexpected and bold design option.

With the addition of elementary LEDs, such structures look spectacular at night.

Simple do-it-yourself buildings according to classical standards do not take much time for installation and look neat.


A house for a well with your own hands is a competent completion of the arrangement of a water intake on a site. Due to the simplicity of execution and variations of functional models, such a structure effectively retains water and becomes an individual design decoration for any landscape.

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