Onion sets Hercules

Onion sets Hercules are planted in spring, and after 2.5-3 months they collect weighty, long-stored heads. When growing, they comply with the requirements of agricultural technology, water and feed the plantings. Gardeners themselves sow branded hybrid seeds to obtain high-quality seedlings.

Breeding history of the variety

This is a mid-early hybrid of Dutch selection from the company Bejo Zaden B. V. Included in the State Register since 2006. It is recommended to cultivate Hercules f1 in the regions of the Central Region. Hobbyists grow a variety of high-yielding onions almost everywhere because of its excellent preservation until spring.

Description of the onion variety Hercules

Hybrid in the first generation Hercules onion, also called Hercules, is a two-year thermophilic culture. In the spring, seeds are sown, which by autumn form small bulbs, sets, for planting in the next warm season. The root system of the variety is strong, with long shoots, due to which the culture develops well in dry periods, although this reduces the yield. Few feathers 35 cm high are juicy, dark green. Mature heads of elliptical shape, on average, from 120 to 160 g, with a neck of normal thickness. Dry yellow-golden husks surround the bulbs in three to four layers. The inner scales are juicy and thick, white in color, with a snug fit.

The heads are mostly single-edged; there are also two sprouts. There are few leaves, which contributes to the best weight gain on the bulb. Hercules is spicy to taste, but without pronounced bitterness. Dry matter is 15%. The Hercules onion variety is one of the best for industrial cultivation.

Advice! For greenery, only the outer leaves or their tips are cut from a bouquet of feathers. The central feathers are needed by the bulb to create full-fledged juicy scales.

Sevok Hercules: description

A high-quality set of a Hercules hybrid in size should not exceed 21-24 mm in diameter. The bulbs of Sevka Hercules in the photo look like large rounded-oval heads in shape. On the bottom there are root rudiments, the neck is dry, without seedlings. The upper scales are golden, folded in several layers around the head of the set. Bulbs are uniform in shape and size.

Onion sets Hercules: characteristics

Selected onion sets Hercules with yellow upper scales without spots and damage gives a high yield of large heads that are stored for a long time.


After planting in April or May, Hercules sets develop in 75-85 days. The heads are dug out when the leaves have withered. Depending on the nutritional value of the soil, timely watering and dressing, bulbs weighing from 80 to 200 g grow. For a good harvest, the site is prepared in the fall, adding the necessary minerals and organic matter. Considering the planting time of the Hercules set, ripe onions are chosen in August. The variety gives from 1 sq. m 7-8 kg of juicy heads. Without dressing from onions, the Hercules f1 sets, according to reviews, are grown 5-6 kg, which is an impressive result.

Disease and pest resistance

The hybrid is resistant to typical onion diseases, so the heads develop well. Also, the bulbs lie for a long time without being infected with diseases. But if the seed of a high-yielding variety was purchased from the hands, it should be soaked in disinfectant solutions before planting. The procedure will cleanse the onion from insects and infections.Pests are fought with folk remedies. It is important to observe crop rotation, not to plant plants in the same areas. Insects can overwinter in the ground and develop on new plantings.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Numerous descriptions with photos of Hercules onion sets confirm that this is one of the best varieties. The advantages of a hybrid are obvious:

  • early maturity;
  • high productivity;
  • excellent commercial performance;
  • storage duration;
  • resistance to the formation of arrows;
  • drought resistance;
  • resistance to pathogens.

Summer residents, in their reviews of onion sets Hercules, also point to a drawback: you cannot grow your own seeds from a hybrid, which are quite expensive in specialized stores.

Planting and caring for onions

The Hercules variety reveals its potential, provided that it is planted on time and grown correctly. Sevok is prepared for planting by soaking in salt solutions, potassium permanganate, copper sulfate, industrial special preparations to remove possible pathogens and pests. Disputes can get to the seed in case of improper storage in the store, if the planting material is not sold in branded packaging. Sevok can be infested with pests in the previous plot if it is bought on the market.

The predecessors are also taken into account:

  • onions develop successfully after tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, melons and gourds;
  • do not plant where garlic, corn, carrots, sunflowers grew.

Onion planting dates

Following the description of the variety, Hercules onion sets are planted in the garden when the soil warms up to + 10 ° C - from early April to mid-May.

Is it possible to plant Hercules onions before winter

Sevok of this variety is planted in the fall in order to get a harvest by the end of July, beginning of August. Onions Hercules before winter are placed on the site approximately 17-20 days before the onset of frost. It is important to choose the time so that the seedlings do not begin to germinate. In the cold, its delicate feathers will freeze, which will adversely affect the condition of the entire bulb. For podzimny planting varieties choose the smallest set. The bulbs will begin their development early and ensure a good harvest. The bed is mulched with dry grass, sawdust with a layer of up to 10-12 cm.

Important! Winter sowing of Hercules onions is practiced only in areas where winters are not severe.

Preparing the beds

How to choose the right place for the Hercules variety:

  • a plot for an unpretentious, but thermophilic onion is chosen sunny, unshaded;
  • should not be planted in lowlands where moisture accumulates after precipitation;
  • onions like neutral sandy loams, loams and loose chernozems, light, enriched with nutrients;
  • for an autumn planting, when digging a site, only 500 g of wood ash per 1 sq. m;
  • for spring work in the fall, 35 g of superphosphate, 15 g of potassium chloride, half a bucket of humus, but not manure are introduced;
  • in April, 15 g of urea or 12 g of ammonium nitrate are added to the soil.

Planting onions

According to the characteristics of the Hercules onion, the heads grow large, the sets are planted according to the scheme: between rows 30 cm, holes - 15 cm.The soaked set is dried and placed at a depth of 5 cm.

Important! Sprinkle with earth on top so that the neck of the sevka deepens 2 cm from the surface.

Growing onions

The Hercules onion variety from the set, according to reviews, does not require daily maintenance:

  • watered two to three times a week in June and early July;
  • after July 16 or August 1, feathers wither, watering stops;
  • the soil is loosened by 2-3 cm;
  • weeds removed.

The Hercules onion variety is fertilized 3-4 times, watering 5 liters per 1 sq. m:

  1. In the spring, when the first shoots appear, 20 g of carbamide is dissolved in 10 liters of water.
  2. After 2 weeks, 40 g of nitrophoska are diluted in 10 liters.
  3. Then phosphate-potassium fertilizers are applied.

Harvesting and storage

When the neck dries up and closes, the onions are dug out with a pitchfork, the feathers are cut off. The heads are dried for 4-5 days, then they are placed in containers with loose walls. Store in a cool and dry place.

Onion breeding methods

The seeds of the variety are sown in the soil in spring, in July they receive a conditioned seed. The bulbs are dried, freed from the remnants of feathers and stored at a temperature of + 5 ° C to + 15 ° C. In the spring, seedlings are planted to form heads.

Diseases and pests, methods of control and prevention

According to the description, Hercules onions are not susceptible to diseases. The variety is harmed by onion flies and mites, tobacco thrips, which are scared away by ash or saline, and adjacent carrot plantings. Insecticides are used on plantations. For prophylaxis, seedlings are treated with disinfecting infusions.


It is important to plant onion sets Hercules on time, treated with disinfectants. Watering and feeding will ensure the formation of large heads. The variety is easy to store, well stored until spring.


Rimma Olegovna Radkova, 43, Kursk region
I planted this variety of onions for the first time, I'm very happy. I have never seen such a harvest! I grew it from seeds myself, sowed it in the garden in April, kept it in a cold, but frost-proof room. The seeds are expensive, but worth it. I will buy this spring for breeding.
Elena Alekseevna Spasova, 35 years old, Ryazhsk
I purchased Hercules seeds in March. Last summer, at the dacha, I admired the garden of this onion at a neighbor's. Mine was sick, and her feathers were green in her garden, and there were no arrows at all. And what weighty heads! I store the bulbs in the pantry, at freezing temperatures. Can't wait for May to land!
Lilia Glebovna Grabova, 57 years old, Rostov region
My daughter has been bringing me seeds of this variety for several years. The growing conveyor does not stop. Every year I sow seeds and plant seeds in a garden for a turnip. Bulbs for planting grow good, strong, of the same size, I sell on the market. Then the buyers come up and thank the hero for such a bow.
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