Do-it-yourself waterfall in the country: step-by-step instructions

The modern concept - landscape design, means a large number of architectural buildings, both small and large. On the network you can find many original ideas on how to best design your site. And the arrangement of the reservoir is a very common decision, because the murmur of water soothes and fills the area with the necessary moisture and a pleasant atmosphere. Today, there are many solutions for how to design a pond. One of the original solutions is the device of a waterfall. You will be pleasantly surprised that making a waterfall in the country with your own hands will not be difficult. Of course, for this you need to work hard and make a lot of effort. However, the end result will please you. In this article we will try to tell you about all the nuances of how to make a waterfall.

Appropriate place

First of all, you need to find the appropriate place for the future waterfall in the country. If you choose the wrong place in the country, then this can cause a number of difficulties. So, the following nuances are taken into account:

  • Even if your waterfall at the dacha is small, it is a hydraulic structure. Therefore, there should be no large shrubs and trees nearby. Why? In hot weather, the roots of plants, smelling moisture, will certainly rush to this reservoir. As a result, the waterproofing protection can be destroyed. And if you poured a bowl of concrete and made a lot of effort, it will be a shame if the roots simply destroy the entire structure. For this reason, it is better to donate a tree or shrub in the country.
  • It is not recommended to place a waterfall in the country in close proximity to the foundation of the house. If suddenly there is a malfunction in its work, then the foundation may become soaked, and this can provoke mold, fungus and other negative consequences from the wetting of the foundation.
  • If there is a hill at the dacha of your site, then it is at this place that the made waterfall will look very impressive. If there is no elevation, then a plain will do. The only condition is that it should not be low. This is explained by the fact that the wind will drive all foliage and other debris to the lowest point. Thus, the waterfall in the country house and the reservoir will be heavily polluted.
  • The view of the waterfall at the summer cottage should be good. Often in all landscape design, artificial waterfalls become a key figure. If this is in your case, then the waterfall should be visible from different sides of the cottage.

Having decided on the location in the country, you should proceed to other technical issues, for example, the selection of material.

Required material

It is clear that you will not build a huge waterfall in the country, most likely, it will be a mini-waterfall. But even for its manufacture, special material is needed. In some cases, the following set of materials is required:

  • PVC film.
  • Fiberglass.
  • Plastic container.
  • Reinforcing mesh.
  • Cement.
  • Sand.
  • Pebbles.
  • Quartzite.
  • River stone and so on.

That's all about making a reservoir. Among other things, it is also necessary to select pumping equipment. In this case, a continuous flow of murmuring water will be provided.

Choosing a pump for a waterfall

Mainly it is worth paying attention to the power of the device. A miniature waterfall in the country will have enough pump power within 0.1 kW.In addition to the power of the pump, it is worth paying attention to its pressure. The pressure will affect the rate of water flow in the reservoir at the dacha.

There are two types of pump:

  1. Submersible.
  2. Surface.

Submersible pumps are small in size and practically silent during operation. Its installation is carried out directly in the bowl of the reservoir itself.

Important! If you do not plan to use the reservoir for water procedures, then it is better not to install the pump at the bottom of the reservoir. If not, then this would be a great solution.

The surface pump is mounted in a separate place from the reservoir. During operation, it makes noise, so care should be taken to neutralize it. In short, the hassle of installing a surface pump is more than with a submersible pump.

The depth of the reservoir

When choosing a depth, you should clearly understand the purpose that you are pursuing. If you additionally want to swim in it, then the depth should be at least 1.5 meters. If you have a small house plot in your country house, then such a combination will be very effective. If it is an exclusively decorative waterfall in the country, then a depth of up to 200 mm will be enough. In this case, you need to worry about decorating the bottom and the surrounding area.

Advice! If you want to grow various plants and animals in the pond, then the depth will be greater and equal to 1.5 meters.

The shape of the reservoir

There are no strict rules and restrictions here. For example, some are attracted to artificiality. And some prefer strict forms. Moreover, the shape of the bowl is largely determined by what it will be. There are options using a ready-made plastic or metal bowl. In this case, it will completely repeat the shape of this insert. If it will not be used, then you can create absolutely any form of a reservoir with your own hands.

Instructions for making a waterfall

So, we come to the main question of this article. Here we will provide you with a practical guide and step-by-step instructions. You will find out in what sequence one or another work should be performed.


First of all, the territory is marked. To do this, you can use twine, red dense thread, or just drip the edging with a shovel. That is, it is necessary to make any efforts so that, before digging a hole, you have the specific outlines of the future reservoir in the country.

Digging a pit

This is the most difficult process in building a waterfall in the country. Especially if the depth of the reservoir is about 1.5 meters. In the process of digging, you should immediately understand in which direction the waterfall will be located. Thus, you will pour all the earth into one place. When digging, one should take into account the fact that the bottom will need to be covered with sand and tamped down. Therefore, the bottom should be relatively flat.

Advice! If during digging the walls begin to crumble, then moisten them with water and ram. Thus, they will keep their shape.

If the pump for the waterfall in the country is submersible, then immediately dig a small depression for it, as well as for the supply hose. This is important, because otherwise, the hose will simply float. From the aesthetic point of view, this is not entirely beautiful.


In our case, a dense PVC film will act as a waterproofing. Pay attention to the fact that it is a whole canvas. The film should cover the entire area of ​​the reservoir. Where a groove is provided, be sure to shape the film to the appropriate shape. The integrity of the web is important. Although it is possible to dock PVC film, this will be the weak point of the entire reservoir and waterfall.

As a result, the film should protrude outward by at least 500 mm. The bottom of the film can be gradually laid out with river stones. In this way, the film will be pressed against, as well as form the bottom and the coastline.

All work must be done carefully. After all, one sharp movement, and you damage the film.At this stage, the film should also rise up the slide, on which there will be a waterfall. Alternatively, you can lay large stones in a slab shape. They can be purchased at the nearest quarry. Make sure there are no sharp edges on all stones. When placing stones on the waterfall, if they are flat, check the level so that there is an appropriate slope.

It is according to this scheme that the entire reservoir is waterproofed. The main elements here are PVC film, which is pressed against the river stones. By the way, they should be laid out so as to completely hide the black film.

Pay special attention to the hoses through which the water will flow. Stones should not crush them and the like.

Formation of a cascade

Part of this has already been written above. Using a large stone, you need to organize some kind of small areas. It is necessary to decide what step will be between the sites and how many there will be. As for the height of the entire waterfall in the country, it would be good if it rose above the soil level by at least 1.5 meters.

Summing up all the work, it turns out that the process of laying the film, installation of pumping equipment and the formation of the bottom and the coastline are carried out simultaneously. Additionally, decoration is carried out, which will be discussed further.

Pond and waterfall decoration

Optionally, the bottom can be additionally equipped with original lighting. The backlight is placed between stones in a chaotic manner or in a given shape. Also, stones should be laid over a small section of the coastline in order to give the whole structure a certain decorative effect. As a result, you will be able to achieve the following result:

This do-it-yourself waterfall in the country in the photo clearly shows that the process of work is not so difficult. The most important thing is to strictly follow the technology, purchase reliable pumping equipment and have a desire to create in your country house! As a result, you will be able to create a beautiful corner on the territory of landscape design with the direct participation of the waterfall.

Design solutions for decoration

Plus to all the information, we suggest that you consider several original design ideas for arranging a waterfall in the country with your own hands. Let's consider some original ideas:

  • Waterfall cascade... In this case, the water will go down several steps. They can be of different shapes and sizes. Moreover, stones can be used to create steps of different colors. The result will be spectacular.
  • Mountain stream waterfall... In this case, the waterfall at the dacha will smoothly flow down the slope, lined with river boulders. This stream can be meandering. Of course, this solution will require more space.
  • Straight waterfall... If you prefer the classic version of the waterfall, then don't bother. Water can immediately fall into the body of water without any hindrance. You will definitely need a powerful pump for the waterfall. But the result will be impressive.


So, we have considered with you all the features of how to make a waterfall in the country with your own hands. If you have your own experience in this work, then share it by leaving comments on this article. In addition, we invite you to watch an interesting video material:

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