How to build a fountain in the country with your own hands

Modern landscape designs include a large number of all kinds of buildings and elements that allow you to create a piece of paradise in the local area. For example, a fountain, even the smallest one, will give your site some originality. If you are thinking about implementing such a project, then you should not be intimidated by it. It is quite possible to make a fountain for a summer residence yourself. To do this, you need to apply some wit and a little desire. This article has also been prepared to help. From it you can learn how to build a fountain with your own hands.

Why do you need a fountain

Mainly, the fountain makes an indelible impression on all people in the country. After all, everyone knows the fact that you can watch the water flow for hours. Therefore, if you regularly have guests at your dacha, then such a structure will give your communication more sincerity. That only is the endless murmur of water.

Plus, relaxing near the water is beneficial. The water element will fill you with positive energy to make new ideas. Also, water relieves stress, fatigue and gives peace of mind and peace. You will truly feel in harmony with the world around you. And if you supplement this building in the country with original lighting, beautiful figurines, and so on, then the end result is a very original picture. Just imagine, at night or in the evening, the water falls and shimmers in different colors. This is truly a mesmerizing sight. It seems that these reasons are enough for you to understand - the fountain will be in the country!

Where to install

If you are fired up with ideas for creating a fountain, then first of all you need to determine the place where it will be mounted. It should not be installed in direct sunlight. Otherwise, it can lead to the fact that the water simply begins to bloom. And because of the frequent change, the water consumption will also increase significantly. This is good if you have an autonomous water source, and if you have an urban one.

Among other things, it is not recommended to place trees near this reservoir, or, rather, vice versa. Falling leaves and branches from the tree will quickly pollute your fountain. Worst of all, the roots of trees can destroy the entire structure of the reservoir. For this reason, choose a location as far away from trees as possible.

It is preferable to place a decorative fountain for a summer residence in a recreation area. It is very good if the street fountain is located in such an area of ​​the garden where it will be completely visible. So, if you have already decided on the location of the future fountain, you should pay attention to the decorative aspect.

Fountain shape

Do-it-yourself fountains in the country in the photo in this article are presented in different forms and shapes. If we talk about the most common fountains for the home, they are jet fountains. This means a fountain in which the jet is directed upward and can be divided into several streams. This is the classic and simplest version of how to organize a mini-pond with a fountain in the country.

A fountain for a pond in the country can have a strict square shape or round. They can also be oval or with multiple angles. As for additional decorative figures, he does not always need this. Usually it will be enough to mark its borders with a beautiful side. Plus, it is important that this structure fits beautifully into the overall landscape design and fits the style in the country.That is, if your adjoining territory in your country house is very small, then you should not build a huge fountain that will focus all your attention on itself. It should complement the whole picture.


Before you make a fountain in the country with your own hands, you must also decide on its appearance. Today, there are 3 main varieties of it:

  1. Submersible.
  2. Stationary.
  3. "Falling water".

The easiest to implement of all of the above is submersible. It differs in that the stream of water beats directly from the reservoir. A submersible pump is lowered to the bottom of the reservoir, and the nozzles for creating a jet can be very different. The jet height is determined by the power of the pumping unit. Such a fountain can be small in size.

As for the stationary one, it is much more difficult to build it. Typically, such a building includes statues, sculptures and all kinds of decorative elements. Of course, making it more difficult, however, visually, it will look much more impressive than a small submersible fountain in the country.

"Falling water" means a combined composition that includes a small waterfall and a fountain. That is, the stream of water does not just fall on the water, but is directed to a cascade of stones. Through them, the water returns back and circulates around the pump and the entire reservoir.

Preparatory activities

It is important to understand that a do-it-yourself fountain without a pump in the country is very difficult to make. For this reason, first of all, it is necessary to select a suitable pump that can pump the required volume of water. As for the choice of the pump, it is important to take into account some features. If the reservoir in the country is small, then you should not purchase a very powerful pump. Otherwise, the water jet will rise very high and spray around. On the other hand, a pump that is too weak in a large reservoir will create a small stream, but in fact, more is possible.

Besides the pump, other material is also needed. For example, polyethylene, which spreads along the entire bottom of the reservoir. River pebbles are also needed, with which you can lay out the bottom and edges. Depending on your idea, sand may also be required. In fact, there are quite a few ideas. In this article, you can find fountains in the country in the photo in different designs. Here you can use old rubber car tires, ceramics, glass and much more.

Advice! The selected material for making a fountain in the country with your own hands must be resistant to sudden changes in temperature.

Among other things, a special reservoir is required for hydraulic equipment and water. The tank can be bought ready-made or you can make it yourself. To do this, all work is performed in the following sequence:

  • Dig a pit of the appropriate shape.
  • Pour a small layer of sand at the bottom of the pit and reinforce its side walls with bricks.
  • After that, the entire pit should be covered with plastic wrap. It is important that the film is solid.
  • It is necessary to temporarily fix the film along the top edge. After that, fill the bottom of the pit with decorative stones. Thus, the polyethylene will be securely fixed. It is not recommended to use stones with sharp edges. They can damage the film.
Advice! In order to prevent an increase in the water level in the reservoir, it is imperative to build an emergency water drain.

Installation of pumping equipment

So, if the pit is completely ready, then you should proceed with the installation of the pumping unit. The principle of operation of the pump is very simple here. Water is thrown into the tank through the nozzle, it enters the pipeline, undergoes coarse and fine cleaning, and then the purified water passes through the nozzle again.

The way the pump is installed depends on the type of equipment. The pump for a fountain in the country can be submersible. In this case, it is located in the center of the reservoir. It does not need to be fixed in any way, since it has a certain weight. It is ideal for small fountains in the country.There is also a surface fountain. From its name it is obvious that it should not be immersed in water. It is located on the surface in close proximity to the reservoir and the fountain at the summer cottage. Pump connection should be carried out according to the existing instructions from the manufacturer. It is according to this scheme that a decorative fountain is made in the country. Now we invite you to consider another original solution for the manufacture of a fountain.

Polystone fountain

Polystone is an artificial stone. It simultaneously combines grace and sophistication, which makes this material in demand in the manufacture of a fountain. Mostly in the market or store, ready-made figurines of their polystone are sold. You should choose a suitable one and deliver it to your land plot.

A special tank is also made for installation. So, the finished figurine can be installed in the center of the reservoir. It is imperative that a filter is installed on the pumping equipment, which will keep the water clean, and also not have an unpleasant odor. Polystone garden fountains for summer cottages will become a real decoration of the entire landscape design.


So, as we saw, the made fountain in the country will be a great addition to landscape design. You can do it yourself. The prepared video, which is at the end of this article, will also help you in this work. We hope that this material helped you dispel the myth that it is impossible to make a fountain with your own hands in the country!

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