Blower-grinder: review of models, reviews

Some people love autumn for its riot of colors and extraterrestrial charm, for others it is unbearable to look at the annual dying of nature, but no one will argue that in any garden in the fall there will always be something to do for tireless hands who are ready to do everything so that in the spring the garden is revived again. and pleased with freshness and beauty. A rustling and multi-colored carpet of fallen leaves is good only in sunny and calm weather, and with the appearance of rains, slush and strong winds that whirl and throw all this beauty onto nearby buildings, the spectacle of fallen leaves ceases to please the eye. Moreover, if you remember that plant debris in its original form is the best refuge for numerous enemies of the garden, then you will want to remove it as soon as possible. And it is best not only to remove, but also to process it so that it can still serve the garden.

Not so long ago, units that were simple in their design appeared, which can facilitate the difficult work of the gardener, not only to clean the garden of plant debris, but also to process it. That is, at the exit you get ready-made material for mulching beds or building a compost heap. Popular rumor called such units garden vacuum cleaners, by analogy with household devices. But after all, both the area of ​​the treated surface and the volume of garbage outside the house are completely incomparable with home conditions, therefore, the work of garden vacuum cleaners can be carried out not only on the basis of electricity, but also gasoline internal combustion engines are used for these purposes. It is worth noting that models of garden vacuum cleaners with gasoline engines have existed for a long time, but due to their characteristics, they were used mainly by professionals when cleaning large objects: parks, streets and squares. But a garden vacuum cleaner with a shredder for private use is still a novelty, which nevertheless quickly wins the hearts of gardeners and summer residents.

Modes of operation

The most popular models among users are equipped with a complete set of parts that allow the garden vacuum cleaner to work in three modes.

  • The blow or fan mode creates a strong directional air stream that allows you to blow a variety of plant waste into one heap, sweep debris from paths and roofs, and even start a fire in the oven.
  • The suction mode resembles the operation of an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Usually it is used after the plant remains have been grouped into separate piles. To suck in dispersed debris, it often has too little pipe surface area.
  • The chopping mode is especially useful for those gardeners who use the principles of organic farming on their site. There is no need to purchase a separate mechanism - the garden vacuum cleaner is able to grind the sucked-in garbage by itself, and at the exit you will find a ready-made homogeneous mass that you can use to obtain organic fertilizers.

Comment! This function, by reducing the volume of waste, allows you to collect more waste at one time.

Garden vacuum cleaners - what they are

There are quite a few classifications of garden vacuum cleaners. For example, according to the method of use, all such units are subdivided into:

  • Manual;
  • Knapsack;
  • Wheeled.

An ordinary summer resident or the owner of a small personal plot of 6-10 acres will be interested, first of all, in hand-held vacuum cleaners.Since both knapsack and especially wheeled models of garden vacuum cleaners are more likely to be professional equipment created for cleaning large areas.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

These units are comparatively small in size and light in weight - from 1.8 to 5-7 kg, so that the lightest of them can be operated with just one hand. For ease of use, they are usually equipped with a comfortable handle, and those heavier than 4 kg include an additional adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it easy to transport the garden vacuum cleaner over any distance. Usually, manual models are quite easy to operate, all mechanisms are understandably turned on and off, and components are removed and changed.

But they are not very suitable for cleaning areas over 10 acres, since both the garden vacuum cleaner itself and the filled garbage bag will create too much stress on the back. And if the vegetable waste bag is small, then it will have to be shaken out or changed too often.

In addition, since when designing such garden vacuum cleaners, manufacturers initially proceeded from relatively small cleaning volumes, the power of the motors used in hand-held models is incomparable with other vacuum cleaners. Although handheld garden vacuum cleaners can use either an electric or a gasoline engine. Models with an electric motor have only one drawback - attachment to the outlet and the electrical cord, which can be inconvenient in some cases. Otherwise, they are quiet, lightweight, easy to operate, safe for the environment.

An example of such a unit is the Worx wg 500 e garden vacuum cleaner. Despite its light weight of 3.8 kg, it successfully combines all three main functions of a garden vacuum cleaner, and you do not need to use any tools to switch from one mode to another. Everything happens just by simply touching the switch.

Have electric garden vacuum With the Worx wg 500e chopper, there are 7 modes of air flow movement speeds, which allows you to adjust the speed of blowing and suction so as not to pick up anything unnecessary from the garbage. Thus, the power can vary from 2.5 to 3 kW.

The maximum air flow speed is 93 m / s, the volume of the cloth bin is 54 liters, the crushing ratio of plant residues is 10: 1.

There are also cordless models among garden hand-held vacuum cleaners. They are convenient in that they can work without an electrical cord. But their power, as a rule, leaves much to be desired. In addition, there are only a few models that successfully combine all three functions of a garden vacuum cleaner: suction, air blowing and grinding. In the vast majority of cases, manufacturers of cordless garden vacuum cleaners are limited to only one function - blowing, due to which these units are most often called simply blowers.

Attention! Among other things, the operating time on a single charge of cordless garden vacuum cleaners is also short, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes for different models.

Gasoline garden vacuum cleaners are considered more powerful and mobile than electric ones, but their manual options are still comparable in performance and power to electric counterparts. The biggest disadvantage of gasoline powered garden vacuums is noise and vibration during operation. And the exhaust gases do not improve the overall picture either. But you can afford to move with him to any remote corner of the garden and not be interrupted to recharge.

The Champion GBV 326S is a good example of a handheld gasoline-powered garden vacuum cleaner. Despite the petrol engine, this model does not make very loud noise, possibly due to the low engine power of 750 watts. Nevertheless, she quite copes with the tasks assigned to her of blowing foliage, sucking it in and chopping it.

A feature of this champion chopper blowers gbv 326s is a fairly large pipe diameter, which reduces the problems associated with clogging with foliage. The weight of this model is 7.8 kg, which is not so much for gasoline vacuum cleaners. And the included shoulder strap makes the job even easier.

Customer Reviews of Electric Garden Vacuum Cleaners

Feedback from buyers of garden vacuum cleaners with shredding is rather positive. Many point out that, despite a good idea, the assembly and execution of vacuum cleaners themselves often do not live up to their hopes.

Oleg, 48 years old, Samara
In principle, I liked the idea itself, and I bought a garden vacuum cleaner - 3 in one - so that I no longer have to fool around with cleaning the area in the fall. As a blower, I think he could work better, but as a vacuum cleaner he copes with his duties. True, long twigs often clog the pipe, but everything seems to be easily removed and cleaned. The best part is that you pour the contents of the bag directly into the compost and you don't know any worries.

Igor, 32 years old, Dmitrov
I was surprised that the engine is quite powerful, it easily lifts even small lumps of clay and stones. However, there is no overheating protection, and small particles enter the engine. After several hours of operation, the engine was warped, and the seats had to be disassembled and straightened. And at work, in general, I am satisfied, although I expected the best.

Tatiana, 39 years old, Tula
I really enjoyed working with it, all modes work great, however, I don't use it when it's wet. And so it is light, and quiet, and comfortable. And in winter, even the snow from the porch was quickly cleaned off with it. And then he even got to the roof. In general, I am satisfied.


Many recent inventions do not always meet the expectations of consumers, but it must be remembered that each thing is designed for a certain type of work. And if it does not suit you, then the other may very much like it.

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