Snow scraper on wheels

Clearing snow in winter is becoming a heavy burden for many residents of the private sector. During the period of heavy snowfalls, you have to clean the area daily, and sometimes several times a day. It takes a lot of time and effort. The process of snow removal can be facilitated and accelerated by partial mechanization of the process. So, you can change the usual shovels and scrapers with a tool on wheels. A simple addition in the form of wheels will help you easily move heavy snowballs without much effort. You can buy a snow scraper on wheels or make your own hands. Good advice on choosing inventory and a detailed guide on how to make it can be found in our article.

How to Pick a Good Wheel Scraper

Manufacturers of garden tools constantly surprise us with their new products. One of them is a wheel scraper. This type of shovel is designed for effective snow removal. Like a conventional scraper, it has a large snow tray and a handle or shank. A feature of such equipment is the wheel axle, fixed at the bottom of the shovel. The material of manufacture and design of such a scraper may differ for each specific model. Let's try to understand in detail in a wide variety of wheel scrapers.

Which scraper is the most reliable

The durability and usability of a wheel scraper largely depends on the material from which it is made:

  • The plastic shovel is very light and comfortable, but, unfortunately, only high quality polymer material can withstand severe frosts. The cost of quality plastic shovels is quite high.
  • Metal scrapers are able to work successfully for even several decades, but the disadvantage of metal is the bulkiness of the structure and its large weight. Of all the metal options, scrapers made of aluminum and duralumin have proven themselves best.
  • You won't be able to find wooden scrapers on sale, but many craftsmen make such equipment on their own. Its disadvantages are fragility, substantial weight. It is also worth considering that wet snow tends to stick to a wooden surface.

When purchasing a scraper on wheels, you need to correctly assess the correspondence of price and quality. If the budget allocated for the purchase is strictly limited, then it is better to purchase metal inventory. There is no doubt about its quality, and the price tag of such a shovel is quite affordable. A high-quality plastic shovel will be more convenient to use, but its purchase will cost about 2-5 thousand rubles.

Variety of models

Choosing a convenient and efficient scraper engine on wheels is not so easy, because the market offers a huge number of different models. Each of them has its own advantages, disadvantages, features.

Most often, plastic scrapers are equipped with small wheels that help move the snow from collection to storage by tilting the shovel slightly. In the photo below you can see such a scraper on small wheels:

It is worth noting that such equipment will work effectively only on a flat surface with a small layer of snow, since the permeability of small wheels is small.

Most often, domestic and foreign manufacturers offer plastic scrapers on small wheels. The lion's share of the brand value can be invested in the price of such inventory. So, a shovel, 80 cm wide, made of frost-resistant plastic from the company Fiskars will cost the buyer 4-5 thousand.rubles, while a similar inventory of domestic production costs only 2 thousand rubles.

A scraper with large wheels is sometimes referred to as a hand-held bulldozer. The shape of his bucket is non-standard. It is a curved, wide metal surface. A wheelbase and a handle are attached to it, allowing you to maneuver the structure. Such a scraper, without much human effort, can shovel a large amount of snow to the storage site, but it will not be possible to lift the load on such a bucket.

Important! The cost of a scraper on two large wheels is 5 thousand rubles. The high cost is justified by the excellent quality and durability of the inventory.

Scrapers can be equipped with two or four wheels. The convenience of use and the patency of the shovel depend on their diameter. for cleaning snow.

The 4-wheel design has one significant drawback: the bucket is at a certain height from the ground, which does not allow the snow to be removed as cleanly as possible. The rigid four-wheel base does not allow tilting or lifting of the scraper. This feature makes the scraper suitable only for work on a flat surface.

Another version of the wheel scraper was invented not so long ago in Europe. Its design provides for only one large diameter wheel. A handle is attached to its axis by means of a hinge. A bucket for collecting snow is fixed at one end of the handle, and a handle at the other end. You can see such a structure and the principle of its operation in the photo:

It is worth noting that it is really convenient to work with such a scraper: the large wheel has good cross-country ability, and the large leverage allows you to dump snow from the bucket with minimal effort. At first glance, the bulky design is easy to disassemble and does not take up much space during storage.

To date, many owners of private farmsteads have already appreciated the dignity snow scrapers on wheels. Working with such a tool allows you to relieve the burden on the shoulders, arms and back of the worker. The weight of the snow is transferred to the wheel during operation. It is this detail that needs to be given special attention when purchasing a scraper. Wheels must be made of durable material. Best of all, rubber wheels withstand impacts, loads and low temperatures. Their diameter should be as large as possible, because the patency of the structure and ease of use depend on this.

The scraper handle is another important object of attention. A scraper with a wide bucket should have a U-shaped handle. This will allow the most effective effort to move the bucket, but such equipment will not allow the shovel to be lifted and makes the structure less maneuverable. The U-shaped handle and the T-shaped handle must have a rubberized base to hold the tool. A special non-slip coating will make your work convenient and comfortable.

Important! Heavy loads on the handle can quickly destroy the tool, so it is preferable to choose equipment with a handle made of durable and lightweight aluminum.

Making a scraper is easy

If there is absolutely no money in your wallet, and the snow is sweeping the yard more and more, then it's time to make an engine for cleaning the snow yourself. The manufacturing process of such a tool is simple and does not require special knowledge or experience. So, we will offer craftsmen two options for making scrapers on wheels.

Manual bulldozer

To create a manual bulldozer you will need:

  • Two wheels. They can be bought or taken from an old stroller, trolley.
  • Sheet steel. It is preferable to use sheets with a thickness of at least 1 mm. Sheet metal can be replaced with a pipe with a diameter of 30-40 cm. It will need to be cut.
  • Steel pipe, diameters 20-40 mm.
  • Swivel loop.

To make a scraper like a hand-held bulldozer, in addition to materials, you need a grinder and a welding machine. For a better understanding, the process of making a scraper can be described in stages:

  • You can make a work surface from a sheet of steel or pipe.The optimal dimensions of the working surface are 70 by 40 cm. A piece of the required dimensions must be cut out of the sheet and bent. If it is decided to use a pipe, but it needs to be cut with a grinder and straightened a little.
  • Cut 2 metal plates, measuring 20 by 10 cm. Make 3 holes in the received parts, one above one. Weld the plates on the back of the paper clip horizontally at a distance of 5-7 cm from each other.
  • Cut a handle from a steel tube that matches the height of the worker.
  • At the lower end of the handle, weld another metal plate vertically to the surface of the earth and at an angle of 120-1300 to the axis of the handle. The wheel axle and blade will be fixed on it.
  • Weld the handle on the upper end of the handle.
  • Cut a piece 60 cm long from a pipe with a diameter of 30 mm. The resulting pipe must be used as a wheel axle.
  • Make a hole in the plate welded on the handle, insert the wheel axle and weld it securely.
  • At the free end of the vertical plate, fasten the pivot hinge. Fix its second flap on the back of the blade surface.
  • Make a hook out of thick wire. Insert it into the holes of the horizontally located plates, thereby fixing the position of the blade.

You can see the construction of such a scraper on wheels in the photo:

Making such a scraper with your own hands is not at all difficult. Anyone can cope with this task. For greater manufacturing accuracy, it is recommended to first make drawings and think over the sequence of actions.

Another option for making a scraper on wheels with your own hands can be seen in the video:

The video also shows the simplicity and efficiency of using such inventory.


Thanks to the efforts of engineers and just amateur craftsmen, the design of a conventional snow shovel has undergone changes. Today on the market you can find various options for this equipment, including shovels on wheels. They have high traffic and productivity. Such scrapers can be purchased in a store, on the market, but when buying a tool, you should pay close attention to its quality. Self-made inventory will surely be the most convenient and reliable to use.

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