Fiskars snow shovel

Initially, the Finnish company Fiskars was engaged in the processing and production of metal. During the war, she worked for the defense department. Now the brand is better known as a global manufacturer of garden tools and other household items. The Fiskars snow shovel is very popular with owners of private yards and motorists, the reliability of which is confirmed by a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

Model range and design features of Fiskars snow removal equipment

When, with the onset of winter, everything is covered with snow dearly, there is a demand for shovels. This tool is in demand not only for cleaning the surrounding area, but also for motorists. Lying in the trunk, the Fiskars compact snow shovel with a short handle will help the driver free his car from the snow.

Important! Fiskars offers the consumer a wide range of snow removal equipment. The range includes drag scrapers, conventional shovels and folding shovels.

Fiskars car shovels are every driver's dream. From the beginning to the end of winter, this tool should always be in the trunk of your car. The special handle allows you to do this without any problems. The shovel is lightweight, compact and fits comfortably in your hands. The tool is convenient for work even for a woman driver. The deep aluminum alloy scoop allows for a large grip of snow in one go. It is comfortable to work with the tool even with the onset of a thaw, since wet snow does not stick to the scoop.

For cleaning yards, flat roofs and other large areas, the manufacturer offers traditional shovels and scrapers, as well as tools from the special SnowXpert series.TM... Whole snow plow inventory available with aluminum handles only. They are very lightweight and durable. For comfortable work, the handles are plastic coated. Feature of the new SnowXpert seriesTM is the scoop design. The polypropylene working part has steel reinforcement. Strong rods do not allow the scoop to bend under strong mechanical stress.

Important! The service life of the reinforced scoop is 3 times that of a conventional aluminum alloy bucket.

Overview of snow shovels

It is impossible to look at all fiskars snow removal equipment due to its wide variety. Now we will try to highlight the most common models that are in demand among the consumer.

Fiskars 143060

The shovel model 143060 is made of high quality aluminum. The handle, 162.2 cm long, is covered with black plastic. The protective layer is pleasant to touch with a bare hand, even in severe frost. Plastic allows you to avoid frostbite of the body of the hands if you have to work without gloves. Tool weight - 1.7 kg. Wet snow practically does not stick to the scoop.

The video shows an overview of the 143060:

Fiskars 141001

Model 141001 takes the leading place among plastic shovels. The tool likewise has a strong aluminum handle 131 cm long. The protective layer is made of a soft orange plastic coating. The wide plastic tip on the handle allows for a comfortable grip with the gloved hand. Scoop 35 cm wide made of reinforced polypropylene. Tool weight - 1.4 kg.

Fiskars 141020

Shovel Fiskars 141020 belongs to the Snow Light line. The tool is specially designed for motorists. The scoop and handle are made of aluminum. The handle has a tip that allows for a comfortable hand grip. The handle is covered with black soft plastic. The length of the shovel is 71.5 cm, the width of the scoop is 25.5 cm.Tool weight - 750 g.

FISKARS SnowXpert ™ 143001

The model of the snow plow belongs to the SnowXpert lineTM... The handle is made of high quality aluminum with an orange plastic coating. The wide tip allows for a grip with a hand in a thick mitten. The scoop is made of durable polypropylene and is reinforced with steel rods. Tool length - 152 cm, scoop width - 53 cm. Weight - 1.6 kg.

Fiskars 143020

The drag scraper allows you to comfortably and effortlessly cope with large layers of snow. The U-shaped metal handle is comfortable to hold for two people. The bucket is made of durable vacuum-formed plastic. The steel edge protects the working part from rapid abrasion. Drag weight - 4.1 kg, length - 150 cm.The bucket width - 72 cm.


The cost of Fiskars snow removal equipment for many consumers may seem out of reach compared to the Chinese tool. But given the fact that Finnish shovels will last more than one season, but up to 25 years, then their price is quite justified.

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