How to get a pig out of a hunt and what needs to be done to make a pig come into a hunt

It is very easy to manipulate the physiological state of a sow or boar. There are many proven methods, both medicinal and folk, so that the pig does not walk or, on the contrary, comes into the hunt. All these methods are used today in agriculture and they do not affect the health of the animal in any way.

Signs of sexual heat in females and males

In pigs, as in all animals, there is the most favorable period for mating, when fertilization occurs with an accuracy of 99%. This is very important for the natural reproduction that most farmers strive for. You can understand that the pig has already gone on a spree by its behavior, if it changes dramatically. The animal becomes strange, the female shows the following signs of hunting:

  • red and swollen nipples;
  • genitals are bright pink;
  • copious discharge from the genital canals;
  • restless behavior.

When pressing on the back of the body, the pig sits down or freezes. These are the most reliable signs that indicate the sexual maturity of a sow. As a rule, it occurs between 5 and 10 months. But you shouldn't start breeding a pig too early. Experienced farmers advise waiting until 10 months of age for it to get stronger and gain weight well. This is very important for further bearing.

The pig's hunting period does not last long - from 2 to 5 days. But as practice shows, fertilization is possible for 2-3 days. If this does not happen, then the animal will go on a spree again in a month. After successful mating, the sow takes out the piglets, gives birth and after a week she can be brought back to the boar. However, statistics say otherwise, most females come into heat 40-45 days after weaning piglets or do not come at all. Such animals are discarded.

Males have different signs of hunting. Animals become uncontrollable, trying to break everything, emit wild screams, rub against barriers, often urinate, and urine has a pungent smell. Some males jump on top of each other, thus imitating mating.

Important! During the hunt, males and females have a poor appetite, the feeders are constantly full.

Why doesn't the pig walk

There are times when the pig does not walk for a long time, which complicates the mating process and requires artificial insemination. There are several reasons for this condition: it may be problems with the reproductive system or external factors. Before you start treating a pig, you need to understand why this is happening.

First, exclude external factors, which include:

  • bad food;
  • tightness in the corral;
  • frequent change of neighbors;
  • the absence of a boar in the herd;
  • lack of vitamins.

If no problems are identified, then it is worth inviting a veterinarian who will examine the animal and determine how the main organs function. Most often, the pig does not walk, as there is a hormonal failure, obesity, as a result of which the work of the ovaries and testes is disrupted.

Lack of good walking negatively affects sexual function. This is especially noticeable in spring and autumn. During this period, the natural reproductive function is reduced. To prevent this from happening, the herd is walked in special pens, together with the sows, young boars are kept.

What needs to be done to get a pig to hunt

There are several ways to correct the situation and stimulate hunting in a pig.Traditional methods are more suitable for prevention or for a small herd. On an industrial scale, they do not work, it is worth resorting to medication stimulation of hunting.

Folk ways

If the pig does not come to hunt, then the simplest thing to do is take good care of it. The diet should contain abundant green food, clean water. The pen should be warm and free of drafts.

Experienced farmers resort to some tricks, for example, leaving the pig without food for 2 days in a separate pen. In this case, the drink is not removed, the light is constantly on. Such stress therapy has a positive effect; by the end of the second day, the sow begins to hunt.

In order for the pig to start walking quickly, a home-made aerosol is sprayed from the semen and urine of a young boar in the room. It is prepared from 1 liter of urine and 200 ml of semen. The mixture is kept for a day in a tightly closed container, after which it is heated to 60 ° C, stirred and left for another 2 days. Then it is poured into a spray vessel and the room where the sows are located is sprayed.

Most often, the problem with hunting in a pig begins after weaning piglets. To avoid this, they resort to stimulating ovulation. For this, the sow is not restricted in food. Food is distributed often, up to 5 kg / day per one individual. Additionally add glucose - up to 200 ml per day per head, fish meal, soy.

Attention! The room temperature is of great importance. On a concrete floor, it should not exceed 20 ° C. Heat stress reduces the fertility of the pig.


You can provoke heat in a pig with medication. Veterinarians advise the drug "Estrofan", which has shown the best results. Within 48-60 hours after the injection, the female shows signs of hunting. The effect of the drug lasts up to 76 hours. During this period, the percentage of fertilization is the highest.

In veterinary medicine, there are no contraindications for the introduction of "Estrofan", but the female does not need to prescribe the medicine on her own. Only a doctor will be able to calculate the required dose, usually it does not exceed 2 ml, which is suitable for the weight of a particular pig.

Other drugs

To introduce the female into the hunt, analogs of "Estrofan" can be used. It could be "Gestavet", "PG 600".

Gestavet is a synthetic hormone for intramuscular injection. Regulates reproductive function in pigs. 1 ml is injected into the neck area, regardless of the weight and age of the animal. No contraindications and cases of overdose have been identified. The drug is not administered to pregnant females.

"PG 600" is a hormonal preparation designed to regulate the cycle, increase the fertility of sows. Administered intramuscularly in 1 dose. Administration is allowed immediately after weaning of piglets or after 2 days.

Important! For the purpose of introducing a pig into the hunt, it is allowed to inject "Oxytocin".

How to disrupt a pig's hunt

Puberty in pigs occurs at 5 months. The period of excitement lasts several days, after which it is repeated regularly. From a biological point of view, this is normal and does not cause any harm to animals. However, the farmer is suffering losses. Early hunting leads to the fact that young females lose weight, there is an overexpenditure of feed, electricity, etc. Yes, and it is too early to start breeding a young pig at this age. The cycle of her development is not yet complete, the female is not ready to bear offspring. The pig's hunt must be knocked down. For this, the people have proven methods:

  • decoction of mint;
  • baking soda.

Mint decoction is prepared arbitrarily. Fresh leaves and shoots are brewed in the form of tea, after which they are added to the food or drink of the animal. Use 1 L of the solution at a time. You need to water the pig 3 times a day.

Regular baking soda is just as effective. In some cases, it can completely disrupt the pig's hunt. Throughout the day, add 1-2 tsp to food or drink. soda. The feed should be free of acidic additives.

The easiest way to prevent the pig from walking is to feed it hard. It has been noticed that abundant feeding and excess weight delay puberty for several months.

If pigs are raised for meat, then they should not walk. Castration of the livestock will help to forget about the problem. But if you need to choose young animals from the herd for further breeding, then it is better to resort to medical methods. There are many of them, the preparations gently eliminate early heat and do not harm the reproductive system of pigs. In the future, the animal can be used for breeding.

To prevent the pig from walking, it needs to be given synthetic hormones, which are completely identical to sex hormones. They block the maturation of eggs in the ovaries and the female does not hunt. For this purpose, the drug "Sexinone" is widely used. It is an inexpensive product available in veterinary medicine. The drug is released in the form of tablets or in liquid form. It is easy to calculate the required dosage: 1 tablet or 1 ml of the drug for every 10 kg of body weight. The drug is taken from 4.5-5 months of age. You need to feed all livestock every 20-22 days. The correct dose is mixed with feed and distributed to the animals early in the morning.

Cancellation of the drug "Sexinone" when the females reach the desired weight. Within a month, the pigs' organism returns to normal and the hunt begins. But it is better to skip the first cycle, insemination during this period is not the best. From the second cycle, females can be inseminated. On an industrial scale, this is very convenient. It is possible to form groups of the same age, to take away piglets from a sow together, to achieve synchronous farrowing.

Attention! Pigs that will be consumed for meat must be slaughtered no earlier than 15 days after taking the drug "Sexinone".


So that the pig does not walk or, conversely, comes into the hunt, experienced farmers resort to proven methods. This makes it possible to carry out group insemination of sows, to obtain synchronous farrowing, and to take away piglets at the same time. On an industrial scale, most often they resort to medications, and at home you can do with old folk methods. They are no less effective, suitable for a small herd.

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